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Disaster Events Our Team Members Are Currently Working

  • Hurricane Harvey in Houston and the Texas Gulf Coast.
  • Sonoma County Firestorms and Napa County Firestorms in California.
  • Hurricane Irma in Florida and throughout the Caribbean.
Natural disasters are things that cannot be avoided. When global disasters occur, leading to massive infrastructure damage Dietz International is there to respond. While people cannot control what happens during a disaster, they can certainly control how well that they recover by simply selecting the right experts to represent them. Selecting Dietz International to assist in quantifying and packaging their insurance claim is the best decision to make immediately after the disaster passes.

Founded in 1928, Dietz International has been serving Residential, Commercial & Industrial clients across all industries. As a public insurance adjuster, Dietz International works in the best interest of the Insured - not of the insurance company. The Dietz International team analyzes a client's individual situation and determines how the claim must be prepared and presented to the insurance company. All aspects of the claim will be covered in the report, physical damage to the structure, loss of income, contents inventory, business personal property loss or equipment and stock inventory. All expertly packaged in a manner that will help their client maximize the insurance recovery.

​One of the main advantages of Dietz International is their experience. Dietz International has successfully handled thousands of disaster related insurance claims. The Dietz International team will identify the coverage that is in place at the time of loss and negotiate the best recovery for their client under the terms of their insurance policy. Another clear advantage of Dietz International is the passion and leadership that they bring to the claims process, in identifying and fixing the problems brought on by a natural disaster. It's like solving a puzzle within a specified time frame.  Dietz International will help you recover from the disaster. Contact us today to prepare and resolve your insurance claim.

  1. Personal Attention
    Personal Attention
    Dietz International offers free inspection and consultation.
  2. Consultation Process
    Consultation Process
    You can relay the status of your structure, as well as the damage caused by the disaster.
  3. Claim Submission
    Claim Submission
    Dietz International will send an inspector to oversee the damage and proceed with the rest of the process.