When disaster strikes, you may find that the insurance company’s settlement offer is far below the amount that you expected to receive.  Accepting the insurance company’s view of your claim can often result in a massive shortfall in your insurance claim settlement.  Why not get a second professional opinion regarding your claim?  Dietz International's expertise can make all of the difference.


Dietz International will professionally package, present and negotiate your claim.  Your insurance company will undoubtedly assign an adjuster and hire various experts to represent their interests.  You have a right to hire Dietz International to represent your interests.

Dietz International often works with structural engineering firms, building contractors, legal counsel, forensic accounting firms, and individuals from other professionals when preparing your claim package.  Dietz International is a highly regarded member of many professional claims associations, including AAPIA, TAPIA, FAPIA, and CAPIA.

Structure Fire Claims

Dietz International

Expert in the adjustment of large building claims.  Quantifying and adjusting large fire, water, and wind damage claims.

Residential Fire Claims Artwork,  Antiques  Contents Claims

Dietz International Expert in valuation and adjustment of artwork, antique furnishings & heirlooms damaged by fire, wind, and water.

Business Income Claim

Dietz International Expert in recovering loss of business income claims due to fire, wind, and water damage.

Industrial Fire Claims

Dietz International Expert in adjusting large industrial claims, inventory, equipment, and facilities damaged by fire, wind, water, & earthquake.