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When disaster strikes, you need the professional assistance Dietz International can provide in quantifying and negotiating your insurance claim.  Our experience can make a difference in reaching a far better settlement with your insurance company.


Dietz International will professionally document and adjust your claim according to the terms of your policy.  Your insurance company will assign their adjuster and various experts.  Dietz representatives will work with the insurance company to professionally resolve disagreements regarding the extent of damage and replacement cost settlements. 


Dietz International public adjusters represent your interests in the complex claims adjustment process.  Our focus is to keep the claim moving forward while negotiating essential issues that benefit the Insured, in processing the overall best settlement.  We take away the burden of claims handling.

Dietz International is highly recommended by world-renowned structural engineering firms, building contractors, major law firms, forensic accounting firms, and experts from other professional disciplines. Dietz International is a highly regarded member of many Professional Claims Associations, including TAPIA, FAPIA, and CAPIA. 

CALL DIETZ  (866) 777-9370

Dietz International - Experts in adjusting large commercial building claims due to fire, water & wind damage.

Dietz International - Experts in business income loss claims due to fire, water & wind damage.

Dietz International - Experts in the valuation and adjustment of fine art, antiques, and luxury furnishings due to fire, water & wind damage.

Dietz International - Experts in adjusting large industrial claims inventory, equipment, and mfg. facilities due to fire, water & wind damage. 

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