After a disaster strikes don't simply rely upon your insurance company to calculate the full extent of your loss.  Afterward, you may find that the insurance company’s claim calculation is far lower than you initially expected.  Accepting the insurance company’s view of your claim can often result in a huge shortfall in your insurance claim settlement.  Why not get a second professional opinion regarding your claim?  Dietz representatives come from various professional disciplines and training, all with many years of service in the disaster claims industry.


Since 1928, Dietz International has leveled the playing field by quantifying and packaging the claim from your point of view.  Our team will review your policy, evaluate your loss and address your unique individual claim situation.  We will professionally present and negotiate your claim with the insurance company adjuster.  Your insurance company will undoubtedly assign an adjuster and hire various experts to represent their interests.  When you assign Dietz International as your Public Adjuster you will have an expert team in place to represent your best interests in the claim process.

With many years of experience in adjusting large loss claims, we know exactly how to compile and negotiate your claim with your insurance carrier.   Everyone on our team is highly dedicated to delivering the best possible services for all of our clients.  Depending on the needs of our client, we often work with structural engineering firms, building contractors, legal counsel, forensic accounting firms and individuals from other professional disciplines.   Dietz International is a highly regarded member of many professional claims associations including AAPIA, TAPIA, FAPIA, CAPIA.

Building Losses

The principals of Dietz International specialize in large building claims.  With over twenty years of experience in estimating and adjusting complicated structures damaged by fire, wind, water & earthquake.

Artwork & Antique Contents Losses

Principals with Dietz International specialize in the valuation, identification and adjustment of artwork, antique furnishings & heirlooms damaged due to fire, wind, water & earthquake.

Business Income Claim

Principals with Dietz International specialize in the measurement and recovery of large business income claims due to fire, wind, water & earthquake.

Industrial Garment Losses

Principals with Dietz International specialize in the adjustment of large industrial claims, inventory, equipment and facility damage due to fire, wind, water & earthquake.

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